What is Rangoli or Kolam Design in Indian Culture?

Art and music were blended with Indian culture since it was originated. India has rich and powerful cultural value. Its heritage is uncomparable. Rangoli is one of the richest Indian arts. Every Indian, especially women should know and how to present creatively the Rangoli design. Women will be taught Rangoli from their childhood onwards by their parents. Rangoli stands for Row of colors. Our motto of launching this website is to bring the attention of everyone to learn Rangoli. This art should not be extinct.

In this website I have presented a simple tutorial that makes everyone to learn Rangoli design very easily. I have presented range of designs from expert. Basically Indians get everything from the Nature. They lived with nature the so called five elements, Earth, Water, Air, Sky and Fire. The idea of making Rangoli designs and colors is taken from butterfly, peacock, flowers, leaves etc. If you have a closer look on clouds in the sky, Cross cut trunk of a tree, nerves of a leaf and River you would notice some design pattern.

If you absorb the color combination of butterfly, Bees, peacock you wonder the nature. The Basic idea of Rangoli is creative design that filled with rich colors.

Top 100 Best rangoli

top 100 best rangoli designs

This is the collection of best handpicked Rangoli over 5 years. It includes hand drawn and street real Rangoli on festivals.

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Top 100 best Kolam

Top 100 best kolam designs

Kolam has more of lines connected. We have chosen the best of best Kolam collection by our team and guest.


Pongal Rangoli

Pongal Rangoli Designs

Pongal festival completes by beautiful Rangoli in front of every homes. These are the Street Pongal Rangoli shot on Pongal.


Freehand Rangoli

Freehand rangoli designs

These freehand Rangoli is drawn without any reference. Take this is an inspiration and let your fingers do wherever they do.


Pongal Kolam Collections

Pongal kolam designs gallery

Pongal Kolam is a traditional way of representation. Many Kolams done using dots and those connected and colored.


Margali kolam designs

Margazhi kolam designs

Margali is a Tamil month on which people of Tamilnadu would start Kolam. This is before Pongal celebration.


Diwali Kolam Designs

Diwali kolam designs gallery

Many south Indians won’t do rangoli on Diwali. Few south Indians create Rangoli which represents Lamp & light.


Diwali rangoli

Diwali rangoli or deepavali rangoli

Few south Indians create Rangoli and light up lamps around the Rangoli. But this will be visible only in the evening.


Sikku Kolam

Sikku kolam designs

Sikku Kolam has complicated structure. It is not interconnected. Lines go over between the dots create the complicated structure. You need to follow the line and draw. Most of the Sikku kolam are traditional one. Many south Indian ladies are taught this art at their childhood days.


Kolam With Dots

Kolam with dots

It is interconnected Kolam. There is a room for your creativity here. You can draw on your own depends upon the festival you celebrate. Dots are aligning your lines and curves. After coloring you can correct the lines or lay stroke to make it stand out.


About Me


I love the great Indian art Kolam / Rangoli. I consider the completion of one big kolam by a village woman is equal to a puzzle solved by a business man. Yes, when you look into the Kolam in detail there are lot of complexities can be observed. For example number of dots that has to be connected without error, flow control of Kolam powder, filling color, color powder preparation etc., I have explained in detail why we do Kolam, the purpose and use in this blog. Please write in me if you have any objection, suggestion and feedback to sridhertrichy@gmail.com. Some of our other blogs: Yummy Recipes, Stunning flowers


Expert's Talk : Rangoli Design

Guna Selvi

An Interview with Guna Selvi We are happy to introduce the Rangoli expert Mrs.Guna Selvi and let’s share her experience on Rangoli.


Q Please brief yourself...

A I am Guna Selvi (kgunaselvi@gmail.com), Freelancer.


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