Portrait rangoli designs

Portrait rangoli designs

Portrait rangoli designer - Hemali Vadalia, Mumbai.


How to design Portrait rangoli? step by step procedure with pictures

Materials needed: Brown paper, pencil, eraser, adhesive/ tape, lake colors, rangoli powder/ kolam powder.

The drawing for a portrait rangoli is usually made on a brown paper, and then the paper is pasted on the floor. Since it is difficult to draw on the floor with a pencil, drawing and defining all the facial details on a brown paper is advised.

Once the paper is stuck, without any air bubbles, prepare the rangoli colors. First start by making all the primary and secondary colors. For this, use lake colors and white rangoli powder. Mix them well until you get bright, high chroma powder of desired color. If you use too much white, the color becomes dull. So here the proportion of lake colors and white rangoli powder is important.

Then create the shades you see on the color reference of portrait by mixing all the primary and secondary colors with rangoli powder (white/ kolam powder). More white you mix, lighter the color gets. Add good proportions of red, magenta, yellow, raw umber/sienna/ brown, black to the rangoli powder(white) to create desired skin shade.

Look at your reference image and then start putting the colors as you see on that image. For minute details, put colors holding your hand very close to the floor, so that the powdery colors do not spread across a wider area. But when you have to merge two separate patches on the rangoli, hold your hand at a little distance from the floor and start putting the mid-value color from that distance, such that the color spreads on both the patches and creates a nice transition from one value to the other.

When you complete the entire rangoli, you can make a border of about an inch or inch and a half with white to give it finished look.

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