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    Rangoli Instruments

    Here are some Rangoli instruments that are easily available in the market. Using this instrument you can draw designs very easily.

    Rangoli Instruments Pictures

  • Flour RegulatorFlour Regulator
  • Rangoli DesignerDesigner
  • Rangoli DesignerDesigner
  • Rangoli instrument CollectionRangoli instrument Collection
  • Instrumental rangoli 4Instrumental rangoli 4
  • Deepam lotus rangoli filter sieves deepam lotus rangoli filter sieves
  • flower rangoli using Instrument flower rangoli using Instrument
  • Instrumental rangoli instrumental rangoli 2
  • Instrumental rangoli Instrumental rangoli 1
  • Instrumental rangoli gallery instrumental rangoli gallery
  • Instrumental rangoli instrumental rangoli
  • Rangoli instrument 1 rangoli instrument 1
  • Rangoli making using instrument rangoli making using instrument
  • Rangoli instruments gallery rangoli instruments gallery
  • Rangoli instrument sales rangoli instrument sales
  • Rangoli instrument making rangoli instrument making
  • Filter Sieves Filter Sieves
  • Simple freehand rangoli design simple freehand rangoli design
  • Simple freehand rangoli design simple freehand rangoli design 1
  • Instrumental rangoli Instrumental freehand rangoli
  • pooja instrumental rangoli pooja instrumental rangoli
  • Simple rangoli using instrument simple rangoli using instrument 3
  • Vinayagar rangoli instrument Vinayagar rangoli instrument
  • Welcome Rangoli using Instrument Welcome Rangoli using Instrument
  • Instrumental Rangoli Gallery Instrumental rangoli gallery 3
  • Kalasam Instrumental Rangoli Kalasam Instrumental Rangoli
  • Pongal instrumental Freehand Rangoli Design Pongal instrumental Freehand Rangoli Design
  • Freehand Rangoli With god laksmi Freehand Rangoli With god laksmi
  • Freehand RangoliFreehand Rangoli with 7 stroke outline

Kolam By Categories

Peacock kolam [25]Peacock koam designs collection
Rose kolam[29] Rose kolam designs collection
Star Kolam [35]Star kolam designs collection
Birds kolam[46]Birds kolam designs collection
Sangu/Shell Kolam[28]Sangu and Shell kolam designs collection
Flower kolam [183]Flower kolam designs collection
Deepam Kolam[91]Deepam kolam designs collection
Animal kolam[13]Animal kolam designs collection
Lotus Kolam[63] Lotus kolam designs collection
Kuthu vilakku Kolam[25] Lamp or Kuthu vilakku Kolam designs
Flag koam[4]Flag koam designs
Butterfly Kolam[37]Butterfly kolam designs
Fish koam[33] Fish kolam designs
Swastik Kolam[33] Swastik kolam designs
Pongal koam[63] Pongal kolam designs
Mattu Pongal Kolam[2] Mattu pongal kolam designs
Parrot Kolam[14]Parrot kolam designs
Veena koam[1] Veena kolam designs
Duck koam[15]Duck kolam designs
New Year koam[8] New Year kolam designs
Umbrella Kolam[2]Umbrella kolam designs
5 & 4 dots Kolam[42] 5 & 4 dots Kolam designs
6 dots Kolam[35] 6 dots Kolam designs
7 dots Kolam[22] 7 dots Kolam designs
8 dots Kolam[20] 8 dots Kolam designs
9 dotsKolam[43] 9 dots Kolam designs
10 dots koam[61]10 dots Kolam designs
11 & 12 dots Kolam[59]11 and 12 dots Kolam designs
13 & 14 dots koam[63] 13 and 14 dots Kolam designs
15 dots Kolam[65]15 dots Kolam designs
16 dots Kolam[19]16 dots Kolam designs
17 & 18 dots koam[32] 17 and 18 dots Kolam designs
19 dots koam[25] 19 dots Kolam designs
20 dots koam[5] 20 dots Kolam designs
21 & 22 dots Kolam[53]21 and 22 dots Kolam designs
24 & 25 dots Kolam[4]25 dots Kolam designs
Diamond koam[22]Diamond Kolam designs
Sweets/Cake Kolam[14] Sweets and cake Kolam designs
Tulasi Madam Kolam[2] Tulasi madam kolam designs
Jingle bells Kolam[4] Jingle bells kolam designs
Santa claus Kolam[2] Santa claus kolam designs
Home / House Kolam[3] Home or House kolam designs
Chariot of god kolam[3] Chariot of god or ther kolam designs
Bow Arrow Kolam[1]Bow Arrow kolam designs
Maha shivaratri Kolam[10] Maha shivaratri kolam designs
Vinayagar chaturthi [6]Vinayagar chaturthi Kolam designs
Sikku/ Pinnal/ Neli Kolam Sikku or Pinnal or Neli or kambi Kolam designs
Pooja room Kolam[52] Pooja room kolam
Top 100 rangoli designs Top 100 rangoli designs
Diwali / Deepavali rangoliDiwali / Deepavali rangoli

Rangoli by Categories