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Rangoli Tutorial >> Materials Needed

    White Rangoli / Kolam Powder
    It’s a kind of nice powder and white in color that available everywhere in India. It’s made from a special white rock. This white powder is used to draw basic and initial Rangoli design. Then the color will be filled inside of the lines or color will be filled and left white lines as outer line of the design.

    Varieties of color powder
    Raw color powder is available easily in grocery store, Chemical store. If you are unable to get it then contact us and we will send you the color powder at nominal price.

  • Rangoli_Color_powder
  • Soil or White Rangoli powder
    Color powder is mixed with soil and is used for filling Rangoli design. Some people mixing color powder with white Rangoli powder which may not turn to bright color as white absorbs half of the color. So mixing with sand gives bright color and consumption of color powder will be reduced.

    The following are the raw color powders and the while Rangoli powder centrally placed.

    Mixing of Colors with white powder

  • [Yellow Color Powder before mixing]Yellow Color Powder before mixing
  • [Yellow Color Powder after mixing]Yellow Color Powder after mixing
  • Crystal Salt
    This small pebble like crystal salt is used to decorate the Rangoli design and give 3D effects to it. After filling the crystal salt sprinkle the color powder over it (sand and color mixture).

    Tea filter
    It’s a basic instrument for creating Rangoli design. It is used to sprinkle colors and filter sand from pebbles.

    Paper and pencil
    It would be always better make a draft of Rangoli what you are going to present in front of your home. It’s a good practice to draw sketch of your Rangoli using paper and pencil.

    Warm water
    In bowl take raw color powder and pour warm water blend well. Then mix the sand as required. Allow it to dry in a shadowy place. Now your bright Rangoli color powder is ready.

    Paint brush
    We are not going to color the design using this brush but it would help us to clean the smudges of design and we will get clean, neat and perfect design.

    Cotton cloth
    Keep cotton cloth with you always to clean your hand

    Clean the surface before you make design.

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